Vex 4 unblocked:

Vex 4 unblocked legendary platformer with a bunch of cool new features and entirely new levels! Get ready to face the most challenging platform ever!  There are many obstacles to beat, and your reflexes determine the outcome of every level. Can you beat this episode and claim the title of Vex 4 champion? Have fun!

Vex 4 is the fourth edition of the very popular and loved Vex series. This is a perfect game to practice your abilities and skills. Vex 4 has 9 acts, 9 hard modes, Vexation, and the Challenge Room, an expanding room that puts your skills to the test. Run, slide, jump, even swim, and more! Make sure that you make true decisions to avoid danger! Challenge yourself in this platform running game! Can you conquer these stages? Let's play the Vex 4 game and show off your ingenious skills!

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Vex 4 game features

Challenging and addictive gameplay

Simple and colorful 2D graphics.

Cool physics and reflexes

The sequel to Vex 3.

Cool physics and reflexes

How to play vex 4

Use the WASD keys to move and jump.

More about Vex 4

Vex 4 is the fourth installment of the game Vex, and this time, it is more challenging than ever. In Vex 4 you must escape from each level by running, jumping and sliding past obstacles until you reach the exit. The game is still pretty much the same, not just in visuals but also in gameplay, you can run, jump, slide, wall climb and even swim to get past the obstacles. There is an added feature here though, there is now a ghost recorder that you can activate to record your movements in the levels, and although this is just an option, it's quite pretty cool to check it out. Controls is still fairly the same, you can use the WASD or the arrow keys, whichever fits your playing style.