Vex 7 unblocked:

Vex 7 unblocked is your new legendary challenge! Get ready to face the most challenging platform ever! Complete daily missions, earn wealth, and take on various challenges. Your hero will navigate this maze filled with traps and foes as he claims his awards and gets new skins.

Vex 7 is here with deadly new adventures, tools, and traps. As usual for the Vex series, navigate through a labyrinth of tricks and traps to make it to the end! Utilize new mechanics to beat the puzzles in this seventh chapter.

Vex is off on a dangerous expedition. You're welcome to go with him! It is your job to climb walls and attack armed foes by aerial strikes. You also need to evade spikes while you navigate between levels. Your abilities will be tested every second, but your quest for success will reward you with a lot of rewards. You can start the first level by pressing Start. Or, you can heat up your fingers at the Tower of Terror. This infinite game option will allow you to set new records, while earning more coins. To reach the first stage, simply move the platform. Follow the instructions. Use the arrow key to slide, leap and run. Keep jumping to reach higher places. SPACEBAR is used for attacking adversaries and destroying glass blocks. Master your reflexes, and you can conquer all levels!

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Vex game features

Colorful 2D graphics.

Game mode options.

Daily quests and rewards.

Unlockable skins.

How to play vex 7

Use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to attack.

Vex tips

Use parachutes, grappling hooks, TNT, and elixir to fly for longer distances

When asked “Are you okay?” answer “no” for brief invincibility

Master the controls - succeeding in Vex is all about the finer details

If you’re getting frustrated - slow down and take a deep breath!